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Cult Dehart Tire Gum 20x2.35

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$ 49.99

Cult Dehart tires feature a low profile directional  tread pattern with front and rear specific designs for optimum performance and micro knurled lugs for maximum traction on ramps and street. 

Note:  The 2.10" and 2.25" tires are actually a little wider than most. Check the spec below for an accurate measurement. The 2.20" and 2.35" tires have the same specs as the 2.10" and 2.25" tires, just labeled differently.

20 x 2.25" / 20 x 2.35"
Inflated Width:  2.42" (61.5mm)
Inflated Diameter:  20.9" (531mm)
Max Pressure:  110 psi
Weight:  27.6 oz