2022 Complete BMX Bikes available in store; Cult, Kink and Strangers

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Kink Senec Spindle -right

The Senec Pedals Have No Bearings Which Means Simplicity And Durability. Using A Propriety Pedal Body Material And Grease The Pedal Bodies Spin Directly On The Spindle Acting As A Bushing Itself And Leaves No Small Parts Left To Come Loose Or Break. In Addition To This New Bearing-less System The Senec Pedals Use A Massive 17mm Forged Hollow Spindle. This Creates A Huge Increase In Strength Over Traditional Pedal Spindles While Keeping About The Same Weight. The Pedal Bodies Are Also Universal Which Means If You Need To Buy A Replacement Body It Can Be Used On Either The Left Or Right Side And Are Very Affordable.